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Creating an Author Website: Options and Content, Episode 023

In this episode, we explore the essentials of building a successful author website, covering key elements like design and content, as well as practical tools and tips to enhance your online presence. Tune in to learn how to establish your credibility, connect with readers, and effectively market your books through a professional and engaging website.


Importance of an Author Website                    

  • Professional Presence                  

  • Establishing credibility as an author                   

  • Central place for all author-related content                   

  • Boost Marketing and Sales                   

  • Direct link to purchase books

  • Building a fanbase                   

  • Providing updates and exclusive content


How do I build a website?


Come up with and buy your domain name

* Make is memorable and that it’s related to you and your brand. The shorter the better.


You can register it for one year with the option of a multi-year registration.

.com: Short for Short for network 


  • Website Builders WordPress: Flexibility and plugins Squarespace: Ease of use and aesthetics Wix: Customization and user-friendliness WP Engine: Best for WordPress sites

  •   Hire an outside website designer   

Things to remember:

  1. Cost

  2.  Your skill set

  3. Time 

Key Elements of a Successful Author Website          

Home Page                        

  • Make it eye-catching design                            

  • Choose colors, graphics, headshot, font

About Page                           

  • Detailed biography                           

  • Personal story and professional achievements           

Books Page                           

  • Listing of all books with covers, descriptions, and blurbs                           

Reviews and testimonials

  • Links to buy— Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google Play, and Kobo 

  • Awards


  • Regular updates and articles                           

  • Writing tips, book updates, personal stories

Building a subscriber list

  • Sending regular newsletters

Contact Page                           

  • Simple contact form                           

  • Social media links – Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok                           

Media Kit

Book Club section



Use High-resolution photos

Choose a color scheme and font that you can carry throughout all of your marketing  materials–stay on-brand.

Keep it consistent










Google some of your favorite author websites for inspiration. 

Think of design ideas that work with your author brand.

Create a domain name.

Weigh the pros and cons of designing a website yourself or should you hire a web designer.

Hope Gibbs, author of Where the Grass Grows Blue

Donna Norman-Carbone, author of All That is Sacred & Of Lies and Honey


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