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What’s an Author Brand and How Do You Get One? : Episode 005

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Authors Talking Bookish with hosts Hope Gibbs and Donna Norman-Carbone

Have you heard the term “brand”? As an author, you’ll need one. This episode addresses what a brand is, what you need to think about to develop one and steps to take to create an author brand that is unique to you.


How is the brand of an author defined?

  • Aesthetics

  • Message

Aesthetics: What is the “look” you want to achieve to represent your essence?

  • Color scheme

  • Fonts

  • Logo

  • Symbols

  • Headshot

Message: What is the unifying message in your work?

  • Tagline

  • Mission Statement

  • Genre

  • Unique characteristics

  • Recurring themes/motifs


How do you implement your brand?

Look for apps like Canva, Fotor, Adobe, Photoshop

Where do you implement your brand?


Launch Pad: Countdown to Marketing Your Book “ ,” Lisa Montonaro

“Your Guide to Branding Yourself as an Author,” NY Book Editors

“Seven Author Branding Tips,” Mark Coker, Publishers Weekly

Author Marketing Coach, Mary Helen Sheriff,

Follow Mary on Instagram @maryhelensheriff

We Grow Media, Dan Blank

Follow Dan on Instagram @danblank

Examples of Instagram Accounts: Look for the consistencies throughout the following feeds.










DO NOW: Create a brainstorm list addressing the characteristics above you want to embody as an author and present to your audience. What are common messages in your work? How will you present these visually? Use the (FREE download) Episode 005- Branding Brainstorm.pdf Study the brands of others on social media. Begin creating your brand.

Hope Gibbs, author of Where the Grass Grows Blue

Donna Norman-Carbone, author of All That is Sacred


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