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Reviews: How to get them, when to listen to them and how to let go? Episode 011

When an author/writer writes a book, they invest not just their time and effort but a piece of their soul. Their hearts.They pour their thoughts, emotions, and creativity into the pages, and when that book is finally out in the world, it becomes vulnerable to the opinion of readers. And this is where book reviews come into play. They serve as the bridge between the book and its readers, helping prospective readers decide whether or not a book is worth their time and money. But why are these reviews so crucial?


What are book reviews?

Why are they important?

Are all reviews created equal?

  • The hierarchy of reviews

    • Goodreads

    • Amazon

    • BookBub

    • Kirkus and other industry standards

    • Blurbs

    • Readers

  • The pros and cons of reviews

How does an author get reviews?

  • The old fashioned way: ask, query, create a street team

  • Look at reviewers of book comps

Book Review Platforms

  • Suzy Approved Book Tours

  • Kate Rock Tours


Make a list of comps. Look on Amazon, Goodreads (on the author’s page for each). Read their reviews. Notice who has reviewed their books. Make a list. Take a look at Bookstagrammars pages to notice who reviews books like yours, follow them, add their names to a list. This take a lot of time, but time well spent.

Authors Talking Bookish https://www.authorstalkingbookish.comHope Gibbs, author of Where the Grass Grows Blue Norman-Carbone, author of All That is Sacred

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