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How Can Podcasts Benefit Your Writing Career?

We listen to them, we appear on them, and some of us create them: Podcasts, 2024. How can your writing career benefit from them? In this episode, we’ll explore some of our favorite writing podcasts, how to become a guest on them and a behind-the-scenes look at our own podcast creation journey.


Some of our favorite podcasts to listen to, as writers:

The Storytellers, host Grace Sammon

TufFish, host Jen Milius

Write the Damn Book Already, host Elizabeth Lyons

The Shit No one Tells You about Writing, hosts Bianca Marais, Carly Watters, CeCe Lyra

The Best of Women’s Fiction, Lainey Cameron & Ashley Hasty

How to become a guest on a podcast?

Follow them if you don’t already 

Listen to their episodes to see if their podcast would be a good fit for you and your book

Check their websites for forms or email them (create a query-type email to send)

Write up a list of topics you’d like to cover

Follow their guidelines  

Be professional

Promote to highlight not only you and your book but the podcast too

A behind-the-scenes look at our own journey into podcasting:

The inspiration

Brainstorming and establishing a mission

The nuts and bolts of starting a podcast

Establishing roles

Creating content and keeping it fresh


“11 Simple Rules of Podcast Guest Etiquette”


Start listening to podcasts. Make a list of the features you enjoy about the various shows. Keep a list of podcasts you’d like to appear on. And, remember to take a nugget or more away from the shows you listen to that will enhance your own writing.


Authors Talking Bookish Hope Gibbs, author of Where the Grass Grows Blue Norman-Carbone, author of All That is Sacred

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