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Beyond the Launch: Shift Your Marketing Strategies, EP 17

This episode addresses the importance of book marketing beyond the launch. In it, Hope and Donna will share various methods through diverse platforms to market your book and tips to make them successful.


Traditional Book Signings

  • Major retailers

  • Indie Bookstores

Local Events 

  • Businesses

  • Organizations

  • Libraries

  • Schools

  • Newspapers and magazines


  • With other authors

  • Bloggers

  • Podcasts (Episode 014)

Book Festivals and Fairs

  • Use Google and your local newspapers

  • References from local authors and/or chapters of writer’s organizations

  • Make a “tickler” list for next year

Book Awards and Recognition

  • Use Google

  • Get references from other authors


American Fiction Awards, Firebird Awards, Literary Global Awards, Chanticleer Awards, BookFest Awards, Best Book Award…



Make a well-rounded plan. Take your budget into consideration. Download a FREE copy of an EVENT SPREADSHEET. Make a copy of it in your own folder. And start executing your plan.

NEXT EPISODE:  An Interview w/ Lainey Cameron 3/20

Hope Gibbs, author of Where the Grass Grows Blue

Donna Norman-Carbone, author of All That is Sacred

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