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An Interview with Lainey Cameron, EP 18

Join us as we interview Lainey Cameron, author of multi award-winning & best selling The Exit Strategy, creator and host of The Best of Women’s Fiction Podcast, book marketing coach, member of WFWA and nomad author exploring the world.



How did you get into the business of writing?

You are so well-traveled, living as a nomad, having been to 50+ countries, yet you say writing is the scariest thing you’ve ever done. Can you speak to that?

In your novel, The Exit Strategy, you write about a character working against all odds in a venture capitalist environment. Why that setting and that topic?

In everything you do, you seek to empower women? How does that drive your business endeavors?

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  • WF Marketing Co-op

  • Podcast

  • Marketing Coaching

How do you choose where you will travel? Is it based out of pure curiosity or something connected with your writing?

What’s one  piece of advice would you give an aspiring author?

What’s next for you?


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Donna Norman-Carbone, author of All That is Sacred

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