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2023 Recap of Top Industry Stories: A Look Back and Forward: Episode 013

Donna and Hope take a look at some of the top publishing industry newsworthy topics of 2023 and make some predictions for the upcoming year. The recap includes Tik Tok fame, cancel culture, book banning, ghostwriting and AI. 


The articles referenced are taken from Lit Hubs “The 10 Biggest Literary Stories of the Year: At Least 2023 is Over Now”

The CoHo Obsession and Tik Tok Fame

Cancel Culture

Colleen Hoover’s coloring book

Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel The Snow Forest postponement

Ron DeSantis and book banning

  • Reader sensitivities 

  • Trigger Warnings


  • Prince Harry’s Spare

  • Millie Bobby Brown’s Nineteen Steps: A Novel


  • 2 sides

  • Creativity

  • Book Narration  


“The 10 Biggest Literary Stories of the Year: At Least 2023 is Over Now,” LitHub. 23 DEC 23.

I tried to guess if Apple audiobooks were narrated by AI or real people. It was harder than you'd think,”

Publisher’s Marketplace,


Keep an eye on the topics that affect you directly. See how they develop over the course of the next year. How do you feel about them? Is there any action you can take to support the issues you are passionate about?


Authors Talking Bookish https://www.authorstalkingbookish.comHope Gibbs, author of Where the Grass Grows Blue Norman-Carbone, author of All That is Sacred


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